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StoreTracer is a self storage software for managing self storage companies with up to 1000 units. User friendly and transparent, your staff will require little or no training to run it, just a basic understanding of Windows.

Ideally suited for small to large operations, StoreTracer self storage software works locally on your computer at the storage facility, ensuring your data is safe and secure.

Smoothly managing and accounting all your daily operations, StoreTracer frees up time to focus on sales and customer service. StoreTracer self storage management software is an extremely easy to use self storage administration product.

UK based, no compulsory upgrades, no rental, no leasing. Buy it, use it, love it.

By clicking on the “Download Free Trial” button below you can download a free evaluation Version of StoreTracer fully functional but limited to 25 storage contracts. No need to reinstall after purchase just continue using

StoreTracer The Best Value Self Storage Software on the market

Clear, no nonsense software license price structure alows you to pay as you grow.

  • Manage upto 100 storage rooms / units £495
  • Manage upto 200 storage rooms / units £695
  • Manage upto 300 storage rooms / units £895
  • Manage upto 400 storage rooms / units £1095
  • Manage upto 500 storage rooms / units £1295
  • Manage upto 1000 storage rooms / units £1495
  • Manage upto 1500 storage rooms / units £P.O.A.

For pricing over 1000 Units/Rooms and further information contact us on +44 (0)1484 598080 (UK), or use the contact form on the right.

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The best Value Self Storage Management Software In the (UK) designed and developed by people who actually work in the self storage business every day.

When you’re ready to take your self storage facility to the next level, you’ll suddenly realise you need something called software. Software is the heart of your business. Used properly it will greatly improve the efficiency of your self storage facility, from storing basic customer information and managing shop sales, through to running reports on availability and controlling payments / invoicing. The ability to be able to set account payment cycles to any period – including 28-day billing – be able to email clients automatically directly from within the program and the flexibility to change rates, unit size. It will help you make the most of your time, your staff and ultimately your investment.

Because the StoreTracer self storage software is designed and developed by people who actually work in the self storage business, it answers questions and performs functions better and more logically than many of its competitors.

Great customer support from the UK, from people using the software themselves. The ease of use was very refreshing. Simple to implement and very customisable, while still providing a wealth of useful features straight out of the box.

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