Self Storage Software StoreTracer Testimonials

Some of the comments we have received about our Self Storage software:

“I must say I feel like I owe you, your product is way under priced! What has it been now, six years and has seriously been rock solid.” – Todd Fusco, Wilton Matrix, USA.

“Just also wanted to add that we love the product and the value for money it offers, it’s simple to use and new staff find it easy to learn. You guys have done a great job with this product.” – Scott Ferguson, Queenstown, Australia.

“Thanks so much. You guys are AWESOME!!” – Jenny Fenwick, New Zealand.

“I must say that your program is great and the support that your company offers is fantastic! Thank you again.” – Marlena Basmanov, USA.

“I came across your StoreTracer self Storage software, I tried the evaluation copy for an hour and I was so impressed I purchased it. The main reason for this is it works every time, it is very user friendly and I must say at this point StoreTracer’s communications are the best! They answer emails within minutes rather than days, everything about the software is very easy.” – Eddie Ashworth,

“Thank you for your assistance! I will suggest your self storage software for anyone!” – Steve Capano, USA.

“Thank you for the help, it is peace for the mind to know there are still professional people with affordable service and products.” – Louis Nasilowski,

“Just wanted to say thanks for StoreTracer self storage software, it has worked out better than I thought it would. Perfect for small businesses like me without thousands to spend. I’m so impressed with how this has worked out, I was wondering if I could place your link on my site. If I can send some business your way, so be it.” – Don Bulgrin Jr, USA.

“A big thanks, you guys are great, the customer is very happy!” – Graeme Alloo, Timaru.

“Thanks for all your help. You make today go by fast and fresh. I feel like today is Friday for me. We will continue doing business with you for providing good and fast services.” – Ge Thao, Super USA.

“Thank you for your quick response. I have never worked with a software company as responsive as you have been. This is great. Once again, you have made me happy for my decision to purchase your software.” – CyDore H Dennison, Utah.

“StoreTracer is a terrific program and we’re very pleased with it!” – Kemberly Herding, Samoa.

“Thanks for your support you have been very good and we would recommend this software to any self storage company. I will place a link to your sit on our web page…thanks again.” – Jim Young, Mississippi.

“Thanks so much .. you guys are SUPER!” – Ariel de Asa,Oregon.

“Our store decided to go with your self storage software,we find it leaps and bounds ahead of most others. It is simple and easy for all employees and hardly any training … we’re talking minutes.” – Cloude Oullette, Ontario.

“You have blown me off my feet with the excellent service I have been receiving and you are all the way in the UK and the local companies still have not gotten back to me with a problem I had over a month ago. Thanks again for the excellent service and support.” – Simon Knight, South Africa.

“I am sold on your company, I wish I was part of your business. You are outstanding! Could have a little to do with timing, but what a quick response and personalized touch. That is great customer service.” – J C Kirk, Kansas. StoreTracer self storage software recommeneded

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